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Ancient Illumination is a science fiction series that explores what would happen if extraterrestrial beings made of light were to come to Earth during the days of Cro-magnon. What would that initial meeting be like? How would cave-people react to glowing sentient beings? That’s basically how I came up with the idea for these books. Now I mixed in some history, legends , and some of my perspectives.

Framing all of that within the trappings of science fiction, first contact,, military scifi and fantasy, I got to mix in space ships, mutations, socioeconomic influences and other topics. Why? Because I love space, space battles and the nuances of how technology and extreme mutations would affect our society as a whole. If those things intrigue you as they do me then by all means come explore this fictional future with me!


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Captain Marvel has made her way to the big screen! Will she stay?

For most who watched with bated breath as Earth’s mightiest heroes took a huge L in Avengers Infinity War at the hands of Thanos, the arrival of Captain Marvel was a much anticipated film. Brie Larson who stars as Captain Marvel kicked up a lot of dust with statements made at an award ceremony. Some were angered by the statements to the point of review bombing and even calling for a boycott of the latest installment to the MCU. I think it had less of an effect because people still wanted to see if there would be any bearing on Infinity War as well as influence on what is to come in End Game. Korath the Pursuer, Ronin the Accuser and Agent Colson All that aside I was going to see this film and I wasn’t alone as it raked in over 150 million opening weekend. I am also judging this film on its’ merits as a whole and not solely on political agendas as I do think they influence this movie but not so much that I couldn’t enjoy it. There were also many side characters that I knew were going to make an appearance and I was curious to see how they would fit in here. Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as a young Nick Fury. We finally get to see how he lost his eye! Don’t worry though no spoilers here. Young Nick Fury With this being Marvel’s first film starring a female lead most will want to compare it to Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. As I stated I enjoyed Captain Marvel but had... read more

Alita Battle Angel flawed but gets most of it right.

I meant to see this film when it first came out and it took me a couple weeks but I am certainly glad I did finally catch it. Now I had been hearing of a lot of criticism about this film which had me apprehensive but was pleasantly surprised when I went to see it in 3D with Dolby atmos sound. Now I realize that most won’t do this but I also watched the anime episodes from 1993 and that helps my opinion of this film tremendously. Grewishka Here is what I liked about this film a lot. The action and visuals were great and Alita’s character model is one of the best uses of CGI I have seen in a minute. You know she is 100% fake and brought to life with motion capture but aside from the absurdly large anime eyes and body when they go to close to her face it looks as if it could be real. It can be off putting at times. They reset the locale from Kansas to Panama city and do a good job of building this future world for those of us not willing to dive into the anime or read the Manga which is the source material for this film. This brings me to my next point and foil to most of the criticism I see floating about the internet. depictions from the anime This film for the most part was heavily faithful to the source material. For those out there complaining about Alita’s proportions, the relationship between her and Hugo, whitewashing or the treatment of animals in a... read more

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