Ancient Illumination is a science fiction series that explores what would happen if extraterrestrial beings made of light were to come to Earth during the days of Cro-magnon. What would that initial meeting be like? How would cave-people react to glowing sentient beings? That’s basically how I came up with the idea for these books. Now I mixed in some history, legends, and some of my perspectives.

Framing all of that within the trappings of science fiction, first contact, military sci-fi and fantasy, I got to mix in space ships, mutations, socioeconomic influences and other topics. Why? Because I love space, space battles and the nuances of how technology and extreme mutations would affect our society as a whole. If those things intrigue you as they do me then by all means come explore this fictional future with me!


Nyumbani Chronicles: the Return Home is a fantasy tale set in an alternate dimension of Ancient Illumination! A wayward Magus has begun tainting the world and its sources of magic in hopes that he can revive a lost love, while a young boy gifted magic abilities by the Orishas learns to hone his skills with these abilities with the help of an older retired Magus and his friends. The Elinanye (elven race) ponder whether they should get involved as a malady spreads throughout the lands or shut themselves in their jungle and woodland kingdoms while mankind and the Djaemon races figure out what to do. The Elinanye had risked much to help others during a past catastrophe and do not wish to lose any more of their precious lands or people. The Orishas oversee all of this and some are more involved than others. The taint to deep underground magic fonts focused into crystals have disturbed the sleep of three elder dragons…unhappy at being rudely awakened, they come out to see what the cause is.


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Domestic fans are encouraged to order autographed paperbacks, hardcovers, and graphic novels directly from this site. GMC challenge coins, 9 x 12 character prints, and 11 x 14 metal prints are available at special events while supplies last. International readers are highly encouraged to contact for a custom shipping quote. 

  • Sold out! Limited edition alternate cover AI v1: Remembrance and Revolt 


Rod Van Blake

Rod Van Blake

Independent author

If you like adventures in a galaxy far far away or going where no man has gone before, try this space opera right here in the milky way! Learn more >

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