Ancient Illumination

Graphic Novels

by Rod Van Blake

Special thanks to our Kickstarter supporters who helped us fund the production of the second graphic novel. We are very excited to announce the debut of the second Ancient Illumination graphic novel in the series. It’s currently available digitally on Kindle and ComiXology. Physical copies are available at special events and orders directly from us. International fans are highly encouraged to contact for a custom shipping quote. 


About the Graphic Novels

Graphic novel front cover (1)
Volume 1, published in 2020

A group of mutants mining in the outer reaches of the Milky Way take a step towards freedom while an old soul from the legendary Atlantis pleads with them to find an ancient antagonist rumored to be the instigator of all conflict on earth culminating in the most recent battles between the Kison Tontu (stone people) and the Galactic Marine Corps sent by earth’s senatorial body to reign in the latest revolt attempt. Will they search to find this exiled being of light to end the fighting, or simply crush any who seek to keep prosperity from their reach?


Graphic Novel volume 2 coverVolume 2, published in 2021

The Kison askari put together a team of mutants to search for threads of truth in Babylons’ tale. Someone or something is found but they are unsure of its link to this legendary exile. The GMC lick their wounds after the initial revolt and plan to go on the offensive while the government implements one of their oldest weapons…the law.



Publisher: Mahali Pengine Entertainment LLC
Author:  Rod Van Blake
Language:  English