Ancient Illumination II
Kuongoza Mwanga: The leading light

by Rod Van Blake

The Adventures of the Kison Askari continue! Queen Tunisia, Prince Darius and company try to regroup after attacks from Commandant Krulak and the GMC have them reeling but another interloper has even Pharaoh cringing.

About the Sequel

A void in leadership is left for the Kison Askari as they retreat to Jupiter to plan out how to proceed. Queen Regent Tunisia has to figure out what to do moving forward as her people are handed a weapon from Babylon and his descendants of Atlantis that could tip the balance in the opposite direction if they choose to seek vengeance instead of keeping it as a deterrent. Babylon hopes she will use caution, especially with Darius, the young prince, looking on. Relations between the mutated races and the rest of society have proven to be a divisive subject since the war began.

The ancient radiant being is still exiled on earth, observing his handiwork proceeding as the mutated races continue to feud with non-mutated beings. Instead of uniting to find the originator of this conflict, the Kison Askari, Limbia Johari, and Ongakujin, along with any that sympathize with their cause, continue fighting. Although this is entertaining to the exile, his attention is caught by the threat of another invader into the Milky Way with the potential to destroy it all. Even if they can set aside their differences, it may all be for naught.


The leading lightContinue the journey.

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Publisher:  WaveCloud Corporation, August 2018
Author:  Rod Van Blake
Language:  English