For most who watched with bated breath as Earth’s mightiest heroes took a huge L in Avengers Infinity War at the hands of Thanos, the arrival of Captain Marvel was a much anticipated film. Brie Larson who stars as Captain Marvel kicked up a lot of dust with statements made at an award ceremony. Some were angered by the statements to the point of review bombing and even calling for a boycott of the latest installment to the MCU. I think it had less of an effect because people still wanted to see if there would be any bearing on Infinity War as well as influence on what is to come in End Game.

Korath the Pursuer, Ronin the Accuser and Agent Colson

All that aside I was going to see this film and I wasn’t alone as it raked in over 150 million opening weekend. I am also judging this film on its’ merits as a whole and not solely on political agendas as I do think they influence this movie but not so much that I couldn’t enjoy it. There were also many side characters that I knew were going to make an appearance and I was curious to see how they would fit in here. Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as a young Nick Fury. We finally get to see how he lost his eye! Don’t worry though no spoilers here.

Young Nick Fury

With this being Marvel’s first film starring a female lead most will want to compare it to Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. As I stated I enjoyed Captain Marvel but had problems with the pacing and flow of the first two acts where I felt the reverse when watching Wonder Woman. Both are origin stories but where the build up in Wonder Woman was a lot tighter and easier to follow, Captain Marvel was kind of disjointed and slow but when you get to the action this movie is good. As Carol Danvers struggles to remember who she is some not familiar with her story may find themselves just as confused throughout which some might argue is a good thing since you can identify with the protagonist. There are a couple twists in the end that are good but getting this feeling in my opinion with regards to the main character is not a positive.


When you get to the end and Captain Marvel kind of instantly self actualizes the action from there on is great and she does what you expect, but getting there is a bit rough. If they could have done the build up similarly to how it was done in Wonder Woman and added some real tension to the final battle this would be a nearly flawless film. There are also some themes that were obtrusively shoehorned into the film which in my opinion detracts from some peoples enjoyment. That’s not to say I don’t think current hot button topics can be touched on. I just think they could have been more subtle about it.

The Skrull, shapeshifting aliens from the comics

Where Wonder Woman was great and then fell apart at the end Captain Marvel stumbles out of the blocks but kind of sticks the landing at the end. They also finally introduce cinematic audiences to the Skrulls who comic book fans will undoubtedly be familiar with. I think this still could have some bearing on who actually got caught up in the snapture and who may secretly still be alive. I can always hope. I would go into more detail but as I said no spoilers. Just giving you some of my opinion. For continuity sake if you are at all interested in the direction of the MCU I would say go see this film. (Matinee if you are worried about it’s worth in respect to what you hear on the internet about it) I was not disappointed but can understand how some are. I liked the action, the settings in the beginning and in 90’s era Earth. The acting for the most part was good. It wasn’t the greatest Marvel film but certainly not the worst as some have stated. Thor Dark World I’m looking at you. As always I would be very interested to hear your thoughts so post a comment below. Do you think they will keeping Brie Larson on?