First off I would like to start of by saying this film is chock full of flaws but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Secondly if you are of the generation that grew up watching reruns of the old Godzilla films, Ultraman/Specterman, Voltron or basically anything that had giant monsters fighting giant robots or giant robots against giant robots then you should be able to suspend belief enough to enjoy this movie. If none of that was ever your thing then likely you won’t enjoy it at all as the rest of the film is not going to be enough to satisfy your tastes in film. If you saw the first Pacific Rim then you should already have a good idea of what’s going on. The first film starred Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi. They don’t return for this one with the exception of Rinko who plays Mako Mori, and a couple of the other supporting actors like Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman who reprise their roles as pivotal scientists.









The main protagonist is played by John Boyega and I must say I was very happy with his performance and substance in this film unlike his arc thus far in some other recent films “Cough…cough Star wars”. He plays Jake Pentacost, the son of the deceased Stacker Pentacost (Idris Elba). In this film he introduces himself as the street version of his father choosing to hustle and take advantage of the apocalyptic results following the harrowing battle that cost his father his life saving the world in the process. Some places have thrived while some coastal cites were nearly decimated. He makes it very clear he is not like his father. Every time he is on screen I relate to him and he is believable. Boyega even manages to pull off some horribly written lines but given what type of film this is it’s to be expected. If you came here for some incredible exhibition of thespian talent you’re wrong. I took it for what it was and thus was able to get enjoyment out of it. Aside from the action which is an improvement over the first film Boyega is the best thing about it.






Scott Eastwood (Lambert) is not bad for his part but is just kind of cookie cutter to me and not very memorable except for his name and the fact that he’s eerily a dead ringer for his dad  Clint Eastwood at a younger age. The rest of the cast is kind of blah as well which is a shame. The new younger angsty pilots in training would have been listening to Twisted Sister “We’re not Gonna Take It!” had this been filmed in the 80’s, and the we don’t like or accept anyone new trope is getting to be a bit tiring. I am sure there are many more dynamics we could have explored here but again I came for the action. On that front at least they delivered.






Some would say it was a little far and between the lack luster acting scenes but hey I think you have to at least try and give a story or rationale for why things are happening. In my opinion they should have given us more Jake and Mako exploring their relationship as siblings (step/foster however you want to define it). Aside from the scientists they’re our only connection to the first film and could have done a better job telling how things developed the way they did after the first breach was closed. When they do get to the action though is where this film shines. We get to see Jaeger on Jaeger action and I really liked it. It goes without saying that this is a CGI fest which of course is to be expected but knowing that I think it was done well here. The new Jaegers are cool with new weapons and abilities and the destruction reminded me of what happened in those old movies and shows I mentioned earlier but less cheesy cause we have the technology to make it look so much better now. The new kaiju are cool too!






It cracks me up when people complain about these films as mind numbing and worthless when you had to have known that was the point initially! If it’s not your thing don’t waste your time or money but if it is then I say go see it. I wouldn’t mind if they do a third film and they kind of hint at it but I doubt it will do well enough to warrant it. I could be wrong though as the film is tracking very well overseas and that could give it some juice. If you saw it i would be curious to know what you thought. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by! Until next time.