Well it’s been a while and I have been way behind in writing movie reviews so I figured I would delve into what has become a pretty hot topic online recently. Valerian was the last film I went to see and uncharacteristically I help off on The Dark Tower until it comes out digitally so I will talk about the aftermath of E3 and Gamescom 2017. Microsoft and Sony are back at it again or more realistically their respective fan bases are going at each other over which console is the best, and it has gotten quite ridiculous in my opinion. People are full on insulting each other over which console holds their allegiance and it’s pointless. Full disclosure I am team Xbox but the reasons are pretty simple and not due to any feeling of superiority. It’s just that the Xbox and soon the Xbox one X fits my lifestyle and preferences better. That’s it, that’s all.











I know I am aging myself a bit here when I say I’m an OG gamer. I used to visit my grandfather and he for some odd reason had a Colecovision back in the day on which I could play Donkey Kong, Black Jack, Joust, and some war game where you had airplanes or tanks which the name of escapes me. My first console that I owned was the original NES. For those too young to remember that’s the Nintendo Entertainment System that came with the original Super Mario Brothers, and two count em TWO controllers!  I also owned the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, PS2, the original Xbox and 360 before upgrading to the Xbox One, and loved them all for a time. The gaming industry has changed drastically over the years and so have my gaming habits or needs. Although there are most definitely some awesome games on the PS4 and now the Nintendo Switch I don’t have either for the same reason I don’t have a gaming PC…I have no desire to play them.






At the very least they’re not compelling enough to make me jump up and grab one of them. Between Microsoft and Sony the Playstation easily has the better lineup of exclusives but I don’t play them. Not because I think they’re bad games I am just not interested in Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, God of War or the Uncharted series. PC has everyone beat with exclusivity but again 99.9 percent of the games on PC are simply not for me and I don’t like mouse and keyboard which from what I hear are a lot more accurate than controllers. There is one game on PC that I would love to play and that’s Star Citizen but I am not shelling out the cash for a monster gaming PC for one single game or even for four games that I would only be slightly intrigued by. For those that would argue I’m spending just as much money for the Xbox one X would be wrong because I’m not going to game on my laptop which I use for writing and other work related tasks so I would be starting from scratch including a 4K monitor to go along with the new rig I would have to build. Trade in value for my old Xbox one gives me 100 dollars credit knocking down the price tag of the new one to 399 possibly lower for accessories I don’t need or games. Which brings me to my next reason, time.






As a web marketer for a pretty successful Real Estate brokerage, Science Fiction author working on the second book in a series, and seller of telecom services I don’t have the time to game as much as I’d like to anymore. I have games that I purchased that I have yet to touch basically so it’s often ironic when I hear people complain over the lack of games available to Microsoft or even lack of content provided by a game publisher for their favorite game. For me strange as that is it has actually worked out better for my situation. I understand fully though that gamers want more content for their money rather than have it spoon fed to them later after a company has already demanded full price then hit us with a slew of microtransactions. Some of those games I purchased and haven’t had the chance to start or finish are getting 4K updates. Most notable are the Witcher 3 Wild hunt, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5 Guardians,, and many others a few of which I have actually finished but can revisit later if I wish to.






Luckily I waited on the Witcher, got the complete edition with all of the DLC for a discounted price which someone calculated there was over 100 hours of playtime for completionist which I obviously am not, but my point is there is plenty of gaming for me to get to when I can. For Honor and Destiny have been my go to games lately cause I can hook up with friends online and get in and out relatively quickly. Most of my friends who game are on that platform and recently I have been streaming a lot more movies and shows than playing games. That’s why I am staying where I am and I can’t be the only gamer whose situation evolved into this but here’s the thing. I can concede the PS4’s more diverse collection of games and PC’s over all prowess above and beyond consoles without hating on gamers that don’t game the way I do. Why is that so hard to do?






Let’s not forget the Nintendo Switch which made some noise of it’s own but again I am more likely to play what I have and await the next edition of Halo before I pick a Switch up to try out Breath of the Wild. That’s just me but to those that do I say enjoy yourself! Game on what you like how you like, and let’s stop trying to rain on everyone else’s parade every time there’s a new development. Each time one platform improves it should be a catalyst for the others to follow suit or find a way to combat the advantage. Sony has been tops in sales and games for the past few years easily good on them. Now it’s just a matter of time before they have to do something to combat the power argument for the Xbox one X and so it will continue back and forth. I don’t think either are going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless of what platform you play on, comment below what you’re most excited to play. I myself can’t wait to get my hands on BattleFront 2, AC Origins, Mordor Shadow of War, and Anthem.