20th Century Fox who owns the rights to X-men, and Wolverine have always had the bad habit of putting kid gloves on their films from the Marvel universe. I’m thinking the surprise success of Deadpool gave them the confidence to give Logan an R rating. Comic fans from the 80’s or prior who may have kids…this is not a kid friendly movie! There is extreme violence, vulgar language, and is themed for adults despite it’s comic book origins. That being said I think it had to be that way in order to be faithful to the character and it hit the perfect tone for an old disgruntled mutant on his last leg as far as how they would act and see the world if it ever happened in reality.

Old man Logan, Laura and Professor X







In this latest effort we see Logan who is not a spring chicken anymore, seems to have fallen on hard times scrapping for money as an uber driver with a limousine. He is taking care of Charles Xavier who is suffering from ALS and mutants have been gone from the world as far as Logan knows. He later finds out there are in fact other mutants and one in particular is a clone which shares some of his genetic material. Enter Laura or X-23.  The X program is still going and this little girl is a fugitive from the company currently running it. She turns to Logan for help.







Donald Pierce leads a group of mercenary cyborgs called the Reavers are hunting for Laura and other children from the program. The action is awesome and visceral as I expected from a rated R Wolverine film. It’s fast, it’s brutal and ultra bloody. Anyone that has read the Wolverine comics or graphic novels knows that’s how Wolverine would fight. He impales and disembowels his enemies with his adamantium claws. All that I expected and they did not disappoint. What I was not prepared for was the emotional weight that came along with this film. Charles Xavier is in need of care and despite his gruff nature Logan takes care of him out of respect and though it’s not outwardly expressed often he has love for Xavier. Laura can see this as well all do watching the dynamic between them. There’s also the awkwardness with Logan and Laura as he seems to want no part of her despite them sharing DNA and she grows on him despite his efforts.






Some of this leans on the Old Man Logan story-line but only in as much that we see an older Logan who’s healing factor is not working like it used to so not only is he aging where he did not seem to do so but he’s heavily scarred, and has a constant cough. This film however diverges from how Wolverine’s final ride goes in the comic. There are a few mentions of events from the other films but that can be a convoluted affair as there are multiple timelines or realities so who knows what will happen for future films. There are special effects but they’re not over done here, and the acting in my humble opinion is top notch. Daphne Keen does an awesome job as an escape preteen mutant who at times seems more like a feral animal when she fights. Hugh Jackman plays old crotchety Logan flawlessly, and of course Patrick Stewart is stellar in his performance.






Alas we still have yet to see Logan in his iconic blue and yellow costume on the big screen but you never know what the future holds. I didn’t give out too many details on how this story goes and that’s because I recommend any comic fan should go see this film. Even if you don’t like comics and just like action, go see this film. In fact stop what you’re doing right now and go see it. It’s that good. As much crap as 20th Century Fox has been getting from their failed Marvel properties, let’s hope the next efforts keep the trend going started by Deadpool and Logan. I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment! Until next time.