Everyone was in an uproar when Vader wrecked shop at the end of Rogue One myself included! I reviewed the film and left thinking what an awesome movie featuring just Darth Vader after order 66 would make. Two hours of Jedi hunting mayhem sounds like a good thing to me.

After posting my review  I looked at other reviews online and most people were excited about the small doses of Vader we’ve been given but ultimately felt a feature film would be a disservice to both fans and the character. That surprised me.

Then I thought of one of my own characters Malice who is used sparingly throughout my book, and it is meant to add some punch to the story but he’s definitely not featured. When he enters a scene it adds more weight to it which would not have the same effect if readers are used to seeing him all the time. Another character similarly used in the Star Wars universe is Darth Maul. Side note there is a novel featuring him which is no longer canon called Darth Maul Shadowhunter which I loved, but for the most part I am talking about the use of that character in Phantom Menace which I know many fans hated because of Jar Jar. Boba Fett would be another great example and he is rumored to be getting feature film as well.

Darth Maul







Fett has I believe one speaking line in the original trilogy and those who unashamedly read most of the EU before it was relegated to “legend” status by Disney when they acquired the rights to the franchise know how bad-ass the bounty hunter can be. For the most part casual fans or people who never got into the galaxy far far away don’t know what the hype is about.  The question is would any of these characters carry as much weight if we saw more of them, or would it somehow dilute the effect for readers and viewers? This is especially effective when writing villains as you can’t really hide your protagonist for most of the book or film since usually carry a majority of the story.                                                                                                                     Reading a lot of the expanded universe books from Star Wars is a huge reason why I started writing because I wondered if I could in fact create something similar to what I loved to read. It’s up to readers to tell me if I achieved that or not. So what do you think? Would two hours of Vader or Fett be too much? In my opinion there’s certainly the possibility of it being done the wrong way, but I’d be first in line for those tickets! Leave me a comment to say if you think I should continue to use my enigmatic dark character Malice in a similar fashion or if I should give him a feature later on.


Boba Fett