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Ancient Illumination is a science fiction series that explores what would happen if extraterrestrial beings made of light were to come to Earth during the days of Cro-magnon. What would that initial meeting be like? How would cave-people react to glowing sentient beings? That’s basically how I came up with the idea for these books. Now I mixed in some history, legends , and some of my perspectives.

Framing all of that within the trappings of science fiction, first contact,, military scifi and fantasy, I got to mix in space ships, mutations, socioeconomic influences and other topics. Why? Because I love space, space battles and the nuances of how technology and extreme mutations would affect our society as a whole. If those things intrigue you as they do me then by all means come explore this fictional future with me!


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Avengers Infinity War, Better late than never!

I know, I know. I am very late to the party but I feel its fitting given the uproar this film started with its seemingly controversial ending. I figured everyone has had more than ample opportunity to go out and see the film by now. Especially since its out for home consumption now. This film was a culmination of a ten year cinematic journey which began with the first Iron Man film birthing the official MCU. With the exception of a couple notable characters everyone was in this film which was no small feat, and with the exception of a couple characters everyone had their own feature films to flesh out their individual narratives leading up to this film. Not a jab but an honest observation but DC would do well to follow this practice before releasing another comic book team up film. This film had everyone, everything and for once I think the build up was paid off in the end. I do think depending on how they go from here though, will heavily impact the intensity of their results here but I’ll discuss that later. For those of you that perpetually stay under a rock and have yet to see this film…spoiler alert. Don’t want to be that guy but you should have seen this by now…multiple times if you’re at all a comic book fan. So to begin with the action which I had assumed would be great was very well done and on a much larger scale but diced up. What I mean by that is the characters were split into multiple groups which allowed each... read more

Solo a Star Wars Story: My thoughts on this much maligned film

          A lot has been said recently about this film and I saw it opening week end. However I had to go through copy edits for my second novel over the past few weeks to get it ready for formatting and the custom cover before publishing and that delayed my movie reviews. For that I apologize. This film had some things going for it but unfortunately in my opinion fell victim to the angst built up the wake of the Last Jedi. This film or at least the concept for it had been talked about for a long while. The Han Solo trilogy is a much beloved series of books from the now defunct EU. First off I liked the film. Was it the best? No but it was satisfactory with a few standouts, great cinematography, and good action. The biggest chink in the armor here is the story. I’ll break it down.           Alden Ehrenreich plays the young Han Solo and he’s…not bad. There are moments when he seems believable and he has his moments where I can see someone saying #notmysolo. I don’t think he disrespected a much beloved character though which is a good thing. Donald Glover in my humble opinion did an awesome job. He kind of does Billy D’s voice just enough that you know what he’s going for without outright imitating him. Charisma and charm comes from the guy and he make Lando his own. If they decide to pick up the Star Wars story again I hope he is given a chance to reprise... read more

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