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Ancient Illumination is a science fiction series that explores what would happen if extraterrestrial beings made of light were to come to Earth during the days of Cro-magnon. What would that initial meeting be like? How would cave-people react to glowing sentient beings? That’s basically how I came up with the idea for these books. Now I mixed in some history, legends , and some of my perspectives.

Framing all of that within the trappings of science fiction, first contact,, military scifi and fantasy, I got to mix in space ships, mutations, socioeconomic influences and other topics. Why? Because I love space, space battles and the nuances of how technology and extreme mutations would affect our society as a whole. If those things intrigue you as they do me then by all means come explore this fictional future with me!


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Pacific Rim Uprising a brief review

          First off I would like to start of by saying this film is chock full of flaws but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Secondly if you are of the generation that grew up watching reruns of the old Godzilla films, Ultraman/Specterman, Voltron or basically anything that had giant monsters fighting giant robots or giant robots against giant robots then you should be able to suspend belief enough to enjoy this movie. If none of that was ever your thing then likely you won’t enjoy it at all as the rest of the film is not going to be enough to satisfy your tastes in film. If you saw the first Pacific Rim then you should already have a good idea of what’s going on. The first film starred Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi. They don’t return for this one with the exception of Rinko who plays Mako Mori, and a couple of the other supporting actors like Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman who reprise their roles as pivotal scientists.                 The main protagonist is played by John Boyega and I must say I was very happy with his performance and substance in this film unlike his arc thus far in some other recent films “Cough…cough Star wars”. He plays Jake Pentacost, the son of the deceased Stacker Pentacost (Idris Elba). In this film he introduces himself as the street version of his father choosing to hustle and take advantage of the apocalyptic results following the harrowing battle that cost his father his life saving the world... read more

Black Panther, Wakanda Forever!!

          This film was much anticipated and there were worries in some camps as to if it would be able to live up to the hype. In my humble opinion it does so easily. Is it transcendent? No. Is it perfect? No, but what it is, is inspirational and highly enjoyable because of what it delivers to many members of the African diaspora as well as everyone else on this planet. The plot is well thought out. The cast is amazing through and through. This film has a weight to it when it explores political themes without throwing everything in the viewers faces or being too preachy, and it solves what has been Marvels achilles heal when it comes to the MCU. In case you hadn’t guessed it by now I absolutely love this film! I’ve seen it twice, pre-ordered the UHD version and will likely see it a few more times while it’s in theaters. First I will go over what I had an issue with then I will continue to sing its praises and break down why I feel as I do.           My one and only gripe with this film is the over use of CGI in the late battle scenes. I feel they could have inserted more practical effects to make them more visceral and up close and personal between the two main opponents. If they had done that I think they could have given us more Wakanda than we got. I know we are at the height of using pretty CGI and I love effects but... read more

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