Nyumbani Chronicles: the Return Home

Nyumbani Chronicles: The Return Home
by Rod Van Blake

About the Debut Fantasy Novel

Corruption has seeped into the conduits of magic on Nyumbani disturbing the slumber of the elder dragons who depend on them for non-carnal sustenance. Mael, a young boy blessed by the Orishas with unesiphiwo (the gift) mistakenly thinks he’s responsible for his mother’s death runs into a retired magus Simon who recognizes the dangers of an untrained magic user running amok and tries to take him in. The presumed fallen magus Motu who started the corruption at the behest of an unscrupulous god will stop at nothing if it means his love will be returned to him whole. Three travellers from another dimension have unwittingly placed themselves in the middle of all this strife. One however is simply returning home.


Nyumbani Chronicles: The Return HomeStart the journey.

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  • Paperback ISBN 9781734589078
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Publisher:  Mahali Pengine Entertainment LLC, July 2021
Author:  Rod Van Blake
Language:  English