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BabylonBabylon is an ancient descendant of the people of Atlantis. Said to have been the most advanced society of its time but was destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake leaving it dashed beneath the sea. Somehow Babylon and a remnant of his people escaped. It’s a mystery as to how he has lived so long and it was thought these people had vanished along with the once great city. Babylon was there nearly from the beginning and has kept his people surviving out of sight but always watching. Although he carries a trident, its not the archaic weapon it seems to be. Babylon and his people are an amalgamation of the very old and the new. A nomadic people not limited to the boundaries of this galaxy. They have returned to find that the one who was pulling the strings before still holds the reigns, and is not leading the inhabitants of the milky way in the right direction. Babylon feels compelled to help the place he fled so long ago.
AthenaAthena Queen of the Limbia Johari. The mutated race known as the walking jewels for the crystalline skin also broker information to those in need of it.
PharaohThe first to have the title of Pharaoh. This is the ancient being of light exiled to Earth for what seems like eternity. He wishes nothing more than to regain his original form so that he may flee this place.
TunisiaQueen Tunisia of the Kison Askari. She disapproves of warfare but will take things to the extreme in order to preserve her people and get them what they deserve. Some of her tactics do not go over well with the elders.
MaliceMalice is not the oldest but one of the first of the original Pharaoh’s experiments. The creatures found on Earth were piteous excuses for life with little but entertainment value once it was discovered they had an affinity for violence. Malice was mutated and twisted into the personification of that tendency. Hard to tell what it actually looks like under the robes. Malice is often the subject of tales to scare children into behaving and thought to be a myth as none who get close enough live to tell their story of the encounter with the red eyed wraith. The master wishes to keep his existence and his manipulation of this world a secret. Anyone searching for the master will eventually face the horrid visage of this abomination.

King of the Kison Askari

Jared Omega, the leader of the Kison Tontu or “Stone People” grew tired of his people being oppressed and mining the galaxies resources only to barely reap the benefits of their labor. They were after all one of a few groups of mutated beings able to withstand the extreme conditions that came with mining on off world projects as well as some expeditions that went deep into the core of the Earth. As soon as they find a way to rid themselves of their special shackles connected to the electromagnetic systems throughout the various mines the Askari will revolt!
Sgt. Garrison was severely injured during the most recent revolt of the Kison Tontu losing his legs. After the battle he wakes up from the ordeal with new cybernetic replacements. He is then asked to head a small group of similarly enhanced Marines code names the “mechanics”. The loss of limbs will not stop these hard chargers from taking the fight back to the stone people.

LCPL’s Mcnamara and Jennings. Expert marksmen and telecom specialists.

Lance Corporals McNamara and Jennings each lost an eye. Private Cooper lost his arms and PFC Long was reduced to a torso after losing all of his extremities in a horrific explosion. They were all given a choice to either accept their medical discharges or receive experimental cybernetics to stay mission ready. These are the rest of the “Mechanics”.
Private Cooper

PFC Long code name Berserker

Long was the most extreme case sent to the advanced training facility on Saturn to be rehabilitated and enhanced. Loss of both arms and legs along with extensive burns forced the doctors to fit him into a mech-suit partially fused to the nubs of what was left of his extremities. He would be in constant pain if not for the suits ability to keep him on a perpetual regimen of meds. During the heat of battle he can stop the medication, embracing that pain to give him extra focus and rage. This is also where his code name originated.
The Ongakujin operate out of their flying theater known as Ryoko-Gekijo and are renown for their performances of dance, song, plays and techno-acrobatics. There have been a rash of deaths at their shows yet that has not stopped the patrons from flooding the show when it comes to various parts of the world. Hironike is the leader of the group. Their shows may be displays of astonishing musical talents, agility and other dazzling ways of entertaining yet they have a dark side to them as well known as the Jade Assassins. However no one knows of their alter egos.

From right to left: Takimura, Megumi, Hironike, Obun, and Toshi

This is Darius, son of Jared and Tunisia Omega and the crown prince. He’s an enigmatic Kison Askari with unknown powers that even he does not understand. There’s more to him than meets the eye!