Ancient Illumination III

by Rod Van Blake

The Adventures of the Kison Askari continue! Young Darius goes on a journey of self discovery while Queen Tunisia will have to rule in his stead despite some of her people not agreeing with her heavy handed tactics in previous conflicts.

About Volume III

The galactic civil war in the Milky Way was interrupted by a foreign alien force that threatened to destroy Earth and be done with it if the GMC and Kison Askari could not end things peacefully. The signing of the Jovian accords should give the Kison Askari their own table rather than having to beg for a seat at someone else’s and the Galactic Marine Corps should be able to enforce the new peace instead of fighting on behalf of Earth’s senatorial government. The destruction of two GMC surveillance stations along with their corresponding satellites raises suspicion of foul play. A new alien invader has set their eyes on the resources of the Milky way and it’s inhabitants as a source of food and fuel. Enemies just recently will now have to band together in order to survive the efforts of the Jackral, a group of nomadic marauders whose religious zeal has them believing the have a right to plunder where they may since losing their home world long ago. 


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  • 978-1-7345890-0-9 – softcover/paperback
  • 978-1-7345890-9-2 – hardcover/hardback
  • 978-1-7345890-3-0 – eBook

Publisher:  Mahali Pengine Entertainment, February 2020

Author:  Rod Van Blake

Language:  English