Last month the second novel in the Ancient Illumination novel went live and now I am prepping for my second Comic con appearance here in Baltimore MD at the convention center downtown. I have been pretty busy so this is just a quick blog to let everyone know what I have been and what I will be up to. So on September 28th thru the 30th I’ll be in Baltimore at table A219. I did well last year and returning with more than one book should bode well for another great showing. Before the close of the year I will be hard at work on the third novel and mapping out the outline for the first of my fantasy series.

At the end of next month I will be at the VA Comic con in Richmond Virginia at the Speedway on October 27th and 28th. Should be another fun event with lots of comic book and scifi fans dressed up as their favorite fictional characters from a variety of Geekdoms! The last time I was able to participate was in 2015 I believe at the Tidewater Comic con in Va Beach. Towards the middle of the month I will be taking another voice acting class with Melissa Leebaert if I can get in. Why? Because I am also in the process of recording the audio books to put them up on audible and iTunes so that people who don’t have time to read my stories can at least listen to them on the way to and from work. I have confidence in my voice but want to make sure that I put the absolute best foot forward when bringing these tales to life! I have been practicing and quite serious as you can see but want to shore up any weaknesses I may have.

If I can find another event to squeeze in during November I will do so but in December is when I usually take a little hiatus in the Virgin Islands to relax, recharge and visit family there. It’s quite nice and I highly recommend it! I am still on the lookout for an artist that I can work with closely to get these books done in an illustrated form but it’s been hard to find someone that I can vibe with that’s not halfway across the country or globe. Comic book, graphic novel, or manga I am down to do it all, but it has to be done right and sometimes ensuring that takes time. I promise it will be worth it so stay tuned!

For those of you who have already got into the series I was thinking of doing a short story series here on my website featuring side characters that may need to get some more shine. I would be interested to hear from you which characters you would like to know more about. The Ongakujin/Jade Assassins, The Mechanics, Athena and her Limbia Johari? Let me know in the comments. I am also starting to stream some of my gaming sessions on the xbox one x and soon PS4 pro and pc you can follow me @KisonAskari on Twitch and vanblaze on I will try to have a consistent schedule between events and will tweet out when I will be on. If you’re into that check me out sometime! I am also looking into Awesome Con in DC in April and before that C2E2 possibly in Chicago sometime in March. Until then,