I know, I know. I am very late to the party but I feel its fitting given the uproar this film started with its seemingly controversial ending. I figured everyone has had more than ample opportunity to go out and see the film by now. Especially since its out for home consumption now. This film was a culmination of a ten year cinematic journey which began with the first Iron Man film birthing the official MCU. With the exception of a couple notable characters everyone was in this film which was no small feat, and with the exception of a couple characters everyone had their own feature films to flesh out their individual narratives leading up to this film. Not a jab but an honest observation but DC would do well to follow this practice before releasing another comic book team up film. This film had everyone, everything and for once I think the build up was paid off in the end. I do think depending on how they go from here though, will heavily impact the intensity of their results here but I’ll discuss that later. For those of you that perpetually stay under a rock and have yet to see this film…spoiler alert. Don’t want to be that guy but you should have seen this by now…multiple times if you’re at all a comic book fan.

So to begin with the action which I had assumed would be great was very well done and on a much larger scale but diced up. What I mean by that is the characters were split into multiple groups which allowed each to get their shine. I also assumed there would be a huge dose of CGI which there was and it was good for the most part. I am however a fan of using practical effects if at all possible. I know finding that perfect blend can be hard. I think we got to see more of Wakanda than in the actual Black Panther film which is a good thing. The fight scenes for this locale were better than the climactic battle scene in Black Panther as far as scale and execution. It was obvious they didn’t hold back here.  I enjoyed all the action and I think most who watched it did as well.

Humor has almost become a standard inclusion when it comes to Marvel films but there was also an emotional weight to this film that is hard to come by when dealing with these larger than life fictional beings. We were recently introduced to the newest Spiderman and Black Panther after two Guardians of the Galaxy films, as well as trilogies for Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. The foundation was laid for us to care for a lot of these characters even if you had never picked up the comic books. I think the pacing was good and we got acceptable screen time for most of the characters. They billed this as a stand alone film but in reality I think everyone knew this was basically part 1, and it had to be.

Josh Brolin did a great job as the Mad Titan Thanos. The motion capture really let his acting shine through in the CGI heavy character but it didn’t look at all like a video game character taking me out of the film. I mean there is obviously a suspension of belief when dealing with a huge purple alien but it was well done and it was obvious from the beginning that Thanos was no paper tiger here. I like that and at the same time when they initially prove this point I had a bone to pick with their execution which I am sure many of you have this same nitpick.  I mean we all waited to see if he would be as bad ass as we thought ever since being teased in the end credits of the first Avengers film and he did not disappoint. After all  he did what a vast majority of villains rarely do in film. After the Disney/Fox merger might be kind of weird if Thanos ever runs into Cable on screen though don’t you think?

Thanos came with his own set of henchmen the Black Order who came out strong and made their presence felt when they were on screen. They were cool to look at but in reality were just plot movement devices. Done right that’s not a bad thing which I think it was done right. They were the reason why they had to keep moving Vision who was in the possession of the mind stone. Which is why I guess I’ll go ahead and lay out my negatives out right now. When the film opens Thanos already has the power, and reality stones. He takes the space stone from Loki and throughout this film is in search of the time stone, the mind stone and before that has to get the soul stone. I don’t think I’m the only one who would have loved to see him take the power stone from Xandar and whatever confrontation that had to have occurred to get the reality stone from the Collector. Is it too far fetched of me to think Dr. Strange could have simply locked Thanos in a time loop just as he did Dormamu? Why not split the infinity wars into their own trilogy of films? Think it would have been any less successful? My last grip is how they did my boy Hulk who got absolutely mollywhopped and then stayed in timeout for the rest of the film. All I know is he better redeem himself in the next one in a major way. I think they did this on purpose and I’ll likely be happy in the end but for now…I didn’t like it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy had a nice arc in this film being teamed up with Thor who is decimated after losing half of his Asguardians which is crazy when you consider that this is before Thanos even has the Infinity gauntlet completed! The comedic chemistry between Bradley Cooper (Rocket Racoon), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Pratt (Starlord), Dave Bautista (Drax), and Zoe  Saldana (Gamora) was right on par with the other Guardians movies, and was a big source of the gut punch the ending turned out to be. Here’s the problem I have though, Black Panther 2  is already slated and contracted, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is as well in addition to Dr. Strange 2 and Spiderman Far from Home. So all of this may have been for nothing. I’m curious to see how fans will react if all this is simply reversed in one fell swoop.

We know from the end credit scene that saw Nick Fury go poof that Captain Marvel is likely on her way to save the day, but what about the OG Avengers? Chris Evans contract is coming up and I think we will either see a Captain America funeral or a Tony Stark/Pepper Potts wedding when it’s all said and done. Oh yeah and Hulk better do some smashing! I don’t care if they bring out world breaker Hulk, Professor Hulk, or World war Hulk but they can’t let him go out like that! What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below.