A lot has been said recently about this film and I saw it opening week end. However I had to go through copy edits for my second novel over the past few weeks to get it ready for formatting and the custom cover before publishing and that delayed my movie reviews. For that I apologize. This film had some things going for it but unfortunately in my opinion fell victim to the angst built up the wake of the Last Jedi. This film or at least the concept for it had been talked about for a long while. The Han Solo trilogy is a much beloved series of books from the now defunct EU. First off I liked the film. Was it the best? No but it was satisfactory with a few standouts, great cinematography, and good action. The biggest chink in the armor here is the story. I’ll break it down.






Alden Ehrenreich plays the young Han Solo and he’s…not bad. There are moments when he seems believable and he has his moments where I can see someone saying #notmysolo. I don’t think he disrespected a much beloved character though which is a good thing. Donald Glover in my humble opinion did an awesome job. He kind of does Billy D’s voice just enough that you know what he’s going for without outright imitating him. Charisma and charm comes from the guy and he make Lando his own. If they decide to pick up the Star Wars story again I hope he is given a chance to reprise the role of young Lando after they give us Kenobi. I know, I know but a man can dream right? Chewie was Chewie and unless you really start doing super un-chewie like things it’s honestly hard to mess up as long as you’re in the furry suit and have the stature to pull it off.






Emelia Clarke was great as Qi’ra as well as Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton but honestly did you expect anything else? They took some creative license liberties with how Chewie and Han met in addition to where Han’s surname came from. Aside from having a face palm moment when those elements happened it didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride. The other major problem with this film is that there are lulls in the action that can lose you especially if you’re not a fan. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was alright as L3-37. I know what they were going for with her character and I didn’t mind it but some found it to be on the cringy side. I found some of her jokes funny but if they missed I simple moved on.






I think Ron Howard was going for a heist movie with a western aesthetic within the Star Wars universe. It did just that but I wish they would have borrowed more story from the books relegated to “legend” status. If they had done so it would have received a better reception from the hard core fans and possibly done better at the box office. Paul Betany played the villain role as Dryden Vos who was passable but more of a sith groupie than true big bad. Again though I didn’t mind him and think he did a good job with what he was given. As I mentioned before some of the shots in this film went from gritty to stunningly beautiful. There’s a surprise at the end which I won’t spoil for those of you even later to the party than my review.






Disney is now rethinking their strategy and I hope they can find a way to inject more fan service into these new films while still keeping some things fresh. If you are a Star Wars fan I recommend this film I just can’t do so highly. The point I keep trying to make when viewing is that we don’t own these properties and if you can accept that they will ultimately do what they want then you can either choose to enjoy them or just wait until they’re available for home viewing. Eventually you’re going to watch it and some of the scenes will make you wish you had seen them on the big screen. For those that chose to abstain cause the mouse is ruining your childhood…I might not necessarily agree but I understand. I would be interested in your opinions if you saw the film. Leave a comment below. Until next time.