November has begun with a bit of a bang with much more to come for fans of comic books, comic book movies which have become a trend or just science fiction and fantasy in general. The third Thor film released today with the Justice League set to hit theaters later this month on the 17th, and early next year the long awaited Black Panther hits some time in February. I must admit I was quite excited for this film after the teaser in the end credit scene of Dr. Strange which segues nicely into where this film picks up the trail of the God of Thunder as he and Loki search for their father Odin who’s missing. Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Mark Ruffalo all reprise their roles as Thor, Odin, Loki, Heimdall and The Hulk from the previous Thor films by Marvel studios. They are joined by newcomers to this series by Karl Urban, Cate Blanchette, Tessa Thompson, and Jeff Goldblum who play Scurge the executioner, Hela Goddess of Death, Valkyrie and the Grand Master respectively.





Most of my anticipation for this film as I am sure it was for most people stemmed from the reuniting of Thor with Hulk who have had at best a rocky friendship beginning with the Avengers film which was easily one of the best efforts from Marvel studios to date. I would also add that they should do what ever it takes to give the Hulk the solo film he deserves but I understand that Universal pictures own the rights similar to the Spiderman fiasco with Sony pictures, but I digress. Quick overview without trying to spoil the film as I would like you to go out and see it if it sounds like your cup of tea…or ale. Loki who has been masquerading as Odin After everyone thought he had died ( shouldn’t be a spoiler if you’ve seen the other Thor and Avengers films) is found out by Thor. They have to locate the real Odin and his missing presence from Asgard along with Thor’s has left the realm ripe for a specific vulnerability. Enter Hela, Odins first born and Thors older sister who had been banished by Odin. Thrown out of Asgard through a mishap Thor has to find his way back to stop Hela from taking over Asgard and continuing her campaign to rule more than just the nine realms Odin previously stopped at.






Being banned or summarily kicked out of Asgard has been ironically a recurring theme with Thor, and a bit of lazy writing in my humble opinion. There are of course other plot devices and themes that make this film horribly predictable but I had to admit that the ending was not handled at all how I thought in the beginning. There was a bit of humor here but it felt a bit forced. There was a lot of humor with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies but with those there was more of a balance, a kind of ebb and flow with the action sequences that were missing here. That however was no fault of the cast which I think individually did great jobs, especially Blanchett and Goldblum, but aside from that this was…more of the same.





All in all it was an enjoyable film that felt safe. So much so that it fell into the mediocre as far as cinematic experiences. Were there bright colors and some beautiful scenes? Yes and there was some action but nothing that stood out as the crowning jewel scene of this film. The first Avengers film had that, The Guardians of the Galaxy had it as well and this film while still a good watch kind of pales in comparison. I guess the this could also be a result of the first two Thor films not really being critically acclaimed in addition to the success of the other films mentioned. Marvel is kind of a victim of its own success here. Once you’ve proven you can do something well, it’s expected to be repeated each showing. Even Dr. Strange had a great mix of humor with action without either being diminished because of the other.








I would say if you’re a Marvel fan definitely go out and check this film out, but if you’re not I would wait for the home digital or DVD releases. That’s pretty much how I think things will go any way and I’m not here to sway anyone one way or the other just offering my humble opinion. I would much rather people go out and form their own opinions than lean on the opinions of others who may simply have different tastes. I love the genre so I am likely to go see films like this one and really anything sci-fi or fantasy related. Like I mentioned earlier Justice League is set to release on the 17th and I will be there! Hopefully DC will learn from prior mistakes and take pages out of Marvels book that work while improving upon some of the progress they made with Wonder Woman. We shall see. Until next time.