Keanu Reeves back as John Wick














Keanu is back for the second installment of John Wick and does not disappoint. I have seen some other reviews of this film which opine that it’s better than the first. I don’t agree. It’s John Wick doing John Wick stuff in his usual no holds barred visceral way, and quite enjoyable if you liked the first one but not better. In this movie the main character is drawn back into the world of ultra chic secret guild of assassins we were introduced to in the first film, and we get to meet the one responsible for Wick being able to retire. After the events of the first film Wick dipped his pinky back in and his former benefactor decides to call in a blood marker for having done him a favor before.

Riccardo Scamarcio plays Santino D’Antonio













John Wick tries to respectfully decline stating he aint about that life anymore, and chaos ensues similarly to what happened in the first film. Not trying to give too much away in case anyone reading this has not had a chance to see the film. It is late in the month though and I highly recommend going to see this film if you have not already. Wick has another dog in this one and I was hoping they would not mess with it this time. The action was great and properly paced as they move from one set piece to the next. If you’re a fan of the first film or of action in general you’ll be right at home.

Ruby Rose as Ares










Of course there are a slew of new people for Wick to mercilessly rampage through as he left no one behind from the previous film that crossed him. Common who has made a nice career in film since focusing more on that industry plays a bodyguard to one of the heads of the assassin organization and the club from the first movie treated as neutral territory where no official “business” may be conducted is once again featured along with what has to be the worlds coolest concierge in the midst of obvious bloodshed and fighting played by Lance Reddick from the Wire.






If there is anything I would have to gripe about it would be the use of Lawrence Fishburne or lack thereof. Maybe this is my fault for having flashbacks of Morpheus and Neo thinking the dynamic here would be similar but either way this was nothing more than a brief cameo at best and that’s disappointing when they had to know the effect of announcing he would be in the film only for it to be minimal at best. There was an interesting dynamic between the two where it’s mentioned that they had a past, and it’s just as compelling from Bowery King’s perspective as the blood marker that drew Wick back into their shared world before Wick was able to get a taste of the normal life. Other than that wasted opportunity I have no complaints about this film and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Lawrence Fishburne as Bowery King








The secret society of assassins and their ultra cool club is still intriguing and I was glad to go back and visit. Hopefully there will be another John Wick film. The way this one ended it certainly looks that way. Keanu Reeves has seemingly found the fountain of youth and rejuvenated his career re-carving out a spot as a top notch action star. Maybe they can bring Fishburne back and they can reclaim some of that Matrix “I know Kung Fu” magic or become epic adversaries which would be cool too. If you have not seen this movie go out as soon as you can. If you didn’t see the first one rent it and watch before going to see John Wick Chapter 2. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to say hi to my man Charon who is as cool as the other side of the pillow despite people coming to his hotel with bloody suits and broken bones. He’ll just check you in and ask for dry cleaning as if you simply spilled coffee on yourself. Until next time.

Lance Reddick as Charon