I often wonder where R.A. Salvatore got the idea for Drizzt who was initially supposed to be a side character introduced to us in the Icewindale trilogy. Do authors get their characters from people they’ve run into in real life, or do they simply pull them from their wild imaginations? I think it has to be a mix of both whether you’re a seasoned sci-fi or fantasy author or someone who is aspiring to be the next New York Times best seller that nobody has heard of yet.

Art is and will always be in some way a reflection of life. Yet some characters are born of hypothetical beings put in created situations. We all know how most of us would react in certain situations but that can be a bit boring right? The events of numerous natural disasters have in fact happened over the years, but what if you were there and had super speed or strength to do something about what the results were? I would hope the scenario would change somewhat.

That’s the beauty of science fiction, fantasy, comics and a myriad of other creative avenues of expressing these what if scenarios. In my short experience as an author some of the characters in my book are in fact inspired by people I have interacted with during my time in the Marines and other times of my life. Others were simply people or being I created based on expanded what if theories. I am curious to know how others come up with there characters. Are they manifestations of themselves with the strength and ability to act in ways that would not be acceptable in real life? It’s an interesting concept to think about.